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"Your knowledge is so amazing and your ability to convey it even better."
~ Rosemarie Saldanha

"I am a great fan of you and am completely amazed to see the e-Coach and the kind of content it has. All the topics are simply superb and I feel they are all very well written to help anyone under the sky."

~ Krishna Kumar. A.




"Your innovative attitude inspires!"
~ Lalit Kumar

"I am impressed with your zeal to support entrepreneurs." ~ Dr.A.S.Rao

"I am a great fan of your e-Coach and it motivates me to drive my carrier in IP & Innovation management." ~ Pinaki Ghosh

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Manisha Acharya, India

Thank you for helping me boost my expertise and thus win the prestigious Miss Innovation World award.

Manisha Acharia



"Your e-Coach is beautiful, informative and excellent."
~ M.P. Bhattathiri


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Outstanding website !!!! .. Since knowledge plays a major role in business, your site is perfect place to network with. Success !!

~ Manjunatha Maiya, Philips


Have gone through your web site and have only one word: EXCELLENT!

~ Prof Ravi Chhabra


This site is a university on management in the net.

~ Sharan Saravanan




This site is absolutely over-whelming!!! It has so much useful content in there... and it is unbelievable how many links you have... e-Coach is like a tree of knowledge... where you can keep clicking and reaching so many different sections of the site...

~ Pooja Sharma, Continental Suraksha


India love breeds love love your customers and they will love you back

I am using your e-Coach (1000ventures.com) and e-courses for 10 years from now. They are truly very helpful and hats off to the variety of subjects included.

~ Arti


A good innovative warehouse, being background to enhance our thinking on innovation for transforming mined stuff to develop a challenging career.

~ A.Venkat Rama Rao, Infosys




I have gone through some of the case studies presented on your websites on various topics like implementation of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma etc. in India. They are truly amazing and very informative.

~ Amit Gupta, CII Northern Region



Your website is beautiful, informative and excellent.

~ M.P. Bhattathiri, Retired Chief Technical Examiner, Govt. of Kerala



It is boosting my creativity!

~ Udaysinh Patil,Director, Patco Plantation (P) Ltd.



I am impressed with the quality of the modules that are available for training.

~ Dr. Kamlesh Misra, Director,

Institute for International Management & Technology



Thank you so much for running excellent knowledge spreading website like this. It is an ultimate site providing tons of information in so many areas. I really wonder how you were able to collate and publish this much of information at one place.
I would like to be a trainer on some of the topics and concepts on your site. Could you please advice me on what needs to be done to change my career as a trainer?

~ Bhargava Pillutla, Tata Consultancy Services




Rajendra Jagdale, India

INNOMPIC GAMES are for the people who have the vision to make a difference and change the world for the better.

Rajendra Jagdale