Transformational leaders create a desired future state that people identify with, a compelling picture of the future around which to rally. They set shared stretch goals and motivate and empower people to attain them.

Entrepreneurial Leader
Transformational leaders manage change proactively. They embrace an
entrepreneurial mindset. They know how to overcome resistance to change and turn problems to opportunities.

Creative Dissatisfaction
Transformational leaders are
thought leaders. They show new ways of looking at old problems. They challenge the existing boundaries, stimulate people intellectually. They help people unlock their entrepreneurial creativity and make a difference! 

Transformational leaders are charismatic, They succeed through a burning believe in themselves and their cause. They are inspired and energized. They inspire and energize others.





Jack Welch advice business quotes

Winners win because they arenít afraid to make changes. They take on foes that scare others and never flinch.  >>>

Jack Welch