3 Fundamental Tasks of a Transformational Leader
Direction: To provide a new inspiring and well differentiated focus; to design a new holistic system and set stretch goals.
Enablers: To provide people with idea generation and implementation enablers, such as strategic alignment, ideation techniques and entrepreneurial simulation games, and lead by example.
People: To inspire creative dissatisfaction and to defrost the status quo; to arouse curiosity and emotion; to stimulate radical idea generation, to develop a questioning and collaborative culture, to tap into intellectual, creative and spiritual resources of the organization, to build strategic entrepreneurial creativity and problem solving capabilities.



Source: "The Move Toward Transformational Leadership," Kenneth A. Leithwood


Helping staff develop and maintain a collaborative culture
Norms of collective responsibility and continuous improvement encourage people to teach each other how to do things better. Transformational leaders involve staff in collaborative goal setting, reduce isolation, use bureaucratic mechanisms to support cultural changes, share leadership with others by delegating power, and actively communicate the company's values, norms and beliefs.

Fostering staff development
motivation for development is enhanced when they internalize goals for professional growth. This process is facilitated when they are strongly committed to a corporate mission. To inspire and energize people, corporate  goals should be explicit and ambitious but not unrealistic.

Stretch Goals

Helping people solve problems more effectively
Transformational stimulates people to engage in new activities and put forth that "extra effort". Transformational leaders use practices primarily to help staff members work smarter, not harder. These leaders share a genuine belief that their staff members as a group could develop better solutions than the leader could alone.


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