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Strategic Focus

A disruptive strategist focuses essentially on disrupting the existing markets and creating and developing new markets by introducing radically innovative value: disruptive products, services, solutions, or systems.


Strategic Intent


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When creating disruptive strategies, think both inside-out and outside-in to progress wiser and faster.

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Adopt a Disruptive Strategist's Attitude

Don't focus on incremental improvements, focus on creating something new, amazing and valuable in a different dimension. Strive to create a new trend. Ignore the conventional wisdom, challenge assumptions, break rules, think outside the box, and create radically new combinations.






Three Challenging Tasks of a Disruptive Strategist




① Come up with high-value strategic radical innovations and prepare for their development.

Play strategic simulation games, like INNOBALL, to prepare a stronger business case, business design, business model and project team.

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Manage radical projects in an entrepreneurial way that is most likely to go against the conventional business practices. Insulate radical projects from corporate bureaucracy. Establish guiding principles, create a guiding structure, and encourage jazz-like improvisation.

③ Align your company for disruption.


Radical Project: Leadership Skills 



Disruption Strategies

A proactive disruption strategy can put your firm ahead of your competitors in years to come. Adopt a disruption mindset and launch a crusade... More




Implementation of a Disruption Strategy

To ensure the successful implementation of a disruption strategy establish a high love quotient (LQ) culture that empowers a disruption mindset and a disruptive transformation strategy by making people feel loved and trusted. Give people freedom to fail, learn from failures and restart wiser.

Ask learning SWOT questions after every major disruptive action to identify your strengths and weaknesses, threats and high-potential opportunities.