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Types of Customers of Radical Innovations

Enthusiasts (or Innovators): purchase new technology just as it comes available and before anybody else.

Visionaries (or Early Adopters): purchase new technology before most companies, but only after there are references available from other users.

Pragmatists (or Early Majority): want to see well-established references before investing substantially in new technology.

Conservatives (or Late Majority): purchase technology only after it has been on the market for a while and thus tested and accompanied by good support.

Skeptics (or Laggards): don't purchase new technology if they can help it.


Deep Motivators of Consumers

Real innovators delve into consumers’ subconscious values and “deep motivators” to create the most meaningful experiences, products, services, and business models.  >>> 

Do Continuous Customer Research

If you want to develop a new product or service, exploratory market and customer research should be an essential and continuous component of the process. It provides the foundation and platform for effective idea generation and creativity management.

Customer research "describes customer or consumer needs, wants, gripes, complaints, and problems that each have about the performance of a certain activity, function, process, life event, or product. This research, prior to idea generation, provides the basis for setting up a problem-solving mindset towards idea generation," says Thomas D. Kuczmarski, the author of Managing New Products.

To explore customer needs and wants, examine external market and competitive trends, ascertain potential needs and wants of each customer segment and character type, identify problems that customer cite, observe people to discover their unrealized needs.  >>> 

Create a Niche for Your Business

To compete with other businesses nowadays you need something unique that nobody else can copy. You must create a niche for your business to stand out from the competition.

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A niche is something that makes your business different from your competitors and positions is prominently... More

Sell Benefits

Venture Marketer

Before you can be effective in marketing your product to targeted end-users, you should market the company itself.

Learn how to make a presentation that inspires change. Be a great story teller...  More

How To Market and Sell Out an Innovative Event

Focus on enthusiasts and visionaries who want to explore an innovative solution before anybody else. Then, differentiate your event properly to stand out from the competition...  More

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Michael Dell advice

Be a student. Customers can provide a much-needed perspective on products you may be too invested in to evaluate objectively... More

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