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Being – and/or being perceived as the first to market – brings about huge competitive advantages.

Innovative market pioneers create new market niches or even Blue Oceans and harvest huge benefits of being the first and facing no direct competitors.

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Below are some:

My trademark fast-to-market techniques and tools I invented to grow my own ventures and those of my clients;

② Fast-to-market strategies of famous winners






Coaching by Example




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Jeff Bezos story lessons quotes

Development velocity is extremely important. Adhere to core principles and processes.

Jeff Bezos



Peter the Great, Russia

Delay leads to fatal defeat.

Peter the Great


One minute can decide the outcome of the battle,
one hour – the outcome of the campaign.

Alexander Suvorov


Carl von Clausewitz quotes

The backbone of surprise is fusing speed with secrecy.

Carl von Clausewitz


Charles Schwab advice quotes

By making quick decisions in accordance with our Guiding Principles we were able to introduce innovative services to the emerging market faster than our competitors.

Charles Schwab


Jack Welch advice business quotes

The 3Ss of winning in business are Self-Confidence, Simplicity, and Speed... Simple designs reach the market faster.

Jack Welch



Jack Welch advice business quotes

Reduce hierarchical layers to speed communication and get products to markets more quickly.

Jack Welch



Mikhail Zhvanetsky humorous quotes, Russian jokes

Discovering your place in this world is not enough, you must also be the first to get there.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky






Effective Innovation Process

7 Lessons from Silicon Valley Firms

● Produce top quality at lightning speed.



Business BLISS

8 Best Practices of Successful Companies

  • Introduce new products faster that the competition... More

3 Strategies of Market Leaders


Competitive Strategies

Survival Strategies

Market Leadership Strategies  >>>

New attributes & Line extensions

New Product categories, New brands, and Speed >>>

Fast to Market Tactics1

Stand Out from the Competition

Victory in the marketplace comes from your ability to surprise customers and competitors. You must produce top quality new products at lightning speed... More


Be the First in Your Category

Be the first in your category ‒ it's better to be the first than it is to be better. It's much easier to get into the mind of consumers first than try to convince people you have a better product or service than the one that did get there first... More

If you can't be first in a category, set up a new category you'll be the first in... More

Creating Sustainable Profits: 9 Questions To Answer

Case Studies Google

Google is the Internet’s number one search engine today.

10 Success Lessons from Google

What is the reason for their remarkable success? It’s beta testing and market learning. They launched a less than perfect service into the market place to get market feedback. Feedback is the answer to dominating a market. It also makes great business sense. Other search engine companies were trying to perfect a product by themselves separate from their target market as Google was continuously and rapidly upgrading their original beta version in close cooperation with customers. They knew that the target market never lies.  >>>

Learning SWOT Questions

Launch a Crusade

Fast companies don't use a vision or a mission to move fast. They launch a crusade.

Own Your Competitive Advantage

"One of the tactics used by companies that specialize in getting to market fast in their refusal to give up, sell, or have usurped from them the things that provide them a competitive advantage."1



Sun Tzu: The Art of War

Being a little ahead of your opponent, often provides greater advantage than superior numbers or greater resources.

Sun Tzu

The Art of War


The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore.

It will be the fast beating the slow.



Mark Zuckerberg business advice quotes Facebook

Whether you company small or big, place a really big premium on moving quickly. Since its early days, our company’s motto was, “Move fast and break things".

Mark Zuckerberg





1. It's not the BIG and eats the SMALL... it's the FAST that eats the SLOW, Jason Jennings and Laurence Haughton