Benefits of Using NLP

NLP helps you resolve conflicts either with yourself or with others by reconciling different and seemingly opposite points of view to find a solution that integrates both in innovative and empowering way.

  Conflict Resolution NLP solution: How To resolve conflictsinternal and external



① Get the commitment of all persons involved to come to a solution acceptable to everyone.

② Agree on using the No-Lose six-step approach to effective problem solving.


Win-Win Mindset

Understand Perceptions



③ Only those people directly involved in the conflict should be included in the problem solving.

② Don't start the process unless you and the others have set aside a sizeable block of time for it.

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4 NLP Perceptual Positions

Conflict Resolution in Business



⑤ Don't start the process with one fixed, preconceived solution or a number of alternative solutions. The important thing that you and the others remain open to new solutions.


Listening: Engage All Your Senses

Selling with NLP




NLP Modeling

NLP helps understand and model the thinking strategies of successful people. In particular, Disney Creativity Strategy helps remove conflict between dreaming and practicalities.


NLP Modeling

Disney Creativity Strategy

4 Pillars of NLP







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