Innompic Games

Helping People Grow    Know Your Enemy

Intellectual Teamwork & Team Creativity


Create Greater Value for Others

Business Skills One Way, Many Paths

Leadership One Way, Many Paths and Management

Love  >>  How To Love    Loving Relationships    Love To Live

HOSTer    Relationships    Connecting    Rapport    Trust

Knowing People

Discover Your True Self    Interpersonal Intelligence

Empathy    Top 10 Subconscious Values

Perceptions  >>  Perceptual Positions    Mental Maps    MBTI

Culture >> Cultural Intelligence  /  World Cultures  /  East vs. West

Cultural Differences >> 10 Patterns    Multicultural Collaboration

Internal Enemies    Human Barriers to Knowledge Transfer


Face-to-Face    Cross-cultural    First Impression

Listening >> Active  /  Emotions    Body Language

Eye Contact    Writing    Manage Expectations

Influencing People

Choose Love    Inspire    Energize     Win-Win Mindset

Charisma >>  Be Charismatic

Emotional Intelligence    Conflict Resolution >> 10 Yoga Steps

Persuading    Solving People Problems

Motivation >> Power Yin & Yang Synergistic  Keys  Attitude


DOs and DON'Ts    Yin-Yang    Win-Win  >>  5S+5T


Motivational    Instant Pay-off    GROW Model

Coaching by Questioning    Feedback    Cross-Cultural

Public Speaking

BE and DON'T BE    10 Essential >> 3 Baits

Making Presentations

Know Your Audience    Keep Them Interested

Business Communication

10 Tips for Business Communication

Effective Meeting    Impactful Presenter


10 Rules    How To Run

Customer-driven Innovation

Love Your Customers   Observing People

Value Innovation >> 10 Tips

Know Your Customers and Prospects

Customer Needs    What Makes People Buy

Customers of Innovations >> Deep Motivators

Create Greater Value Online

10 Lessons from e-Coach    Customer-focused Website

Social Media Age: 7 New Success Mantras

Synergistic Marketing and Selling

Empathize with Your Customers

Positioning >> 10 Tips >> 10 Commandments

Empathetic Marketing    Relationship Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) >> 10 Tips

Surprise Your Customers    Marketing To the Subconscious

Customer Engagement >> 10 Tips

Sales Presentation: Sell Twin Benefits

Sell Benefits    Selling Is Problem Solving

Great Salesperson

Selling by Coaching    Question-based Selling

Selling by Active Listening

Customer Partnership

Loving Relationships    Listening To Customers    Coaching


People Skills    Servant

Leader 360  >>  Self-Leadership    Lateral Leadership

Inspirational leadership    Creative Leadership

Create an Innovative Workforce

Inclusive Leadership    Situational Leadership

Leading Up  >>  How To Sell Your Ideas To Decision Makers

Motivating and Communicating

What Motivates Workers    Help People Grow

Best Practices    How To Stimulate Radical Idea Generation

Managerial Communication

New Management Model

Leadership-Management Synergy    People Partnership

Develop Employees >> Entrepreneurial Staff

Employee Empowerment >> Why >> 10 Steps

Developing People

Coaching  >>  Skill-Will Matrix    Ask-Tell Repertoire


Behavioral Change Program at Monsanto


Team vs. Group    Passionate Team

Teamwork >> Intellectual    17 Laws    5 Steps

Innovation >> Creativity    NPD    Management

Leading Change

Overcoming Resistance To Change

Managing Cultural Differences

10 Guidelines for Multicultural Collaboration    Trust

Managing Diversity    Leverage Diversity