Define what "success" means to you, and don't let others influence your internal definition of success.



Vision + Values + Passion + Action + Persistence

Create your own life vision, define your own success, and live with passion.

Absolutely anyone can be successful. If you have a big dreams, set stretch goals and take action! Your enthusiasm, every word and every action must demonstrate your belief in yourself. Believe that you can can be anything, learn anything and achieve anything. If you decide that you can achieve anything, you will. All you need is to set goals that you're excited about, and then take persistent action.




BEST MINDSET: Happiness, Success,Wealth. Most Useful Dictionary by Vadim Kotelnikov

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You almost canít help but be amazingly successful
when you have
a daring, yet flexible strategic plan to follow

and  act on it enthusiastically, yet wisely.

Super-successful people think differently.  >>>



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If you strop learning, you stop creating history and become history.  >>>



Build Winning Mindset and Attitudes

Your attitude determines your altitude >>>

Choose the right attitudes and mindsets if you want to achieve your goals faster, create greater things, solve problems better and and attract great partners.  >>>

Roll the Wheel of Your Great Success

Succeeding requires a strong intention to succeed. "How to" is secondary. Get inspired first. Have a dream  to awaken your inner genius. If you really want something youíll invent amazing ways to achieve it.  >>>

Take Action!

Losers fake action, winners take action.

Dream BIG dreams, but don't just daydream Ė act on your dreams if you want to create your fate. Every step up will open new horizons and make you stronger. >>>

Keep Asking Learning SWOT Questions

Feedback is your elevator to success.

Experiment with new ideas and treat both successes and failures as learning opportunities. Ask learning SWOT questions and adapt your strategies accordingly.  >>>


If you love what you do,
there are no difficult tasks, only interesting ones.

The only three things you need to change the world are
, Passion and Action.



Napoleon Hill quotes

The starting point of all achievement is desire.


Henry Ford advice

Success is a matter of
adjusting one's efforts to obstacles and
one's abilities to a service needed by others.

Henry Ford

Ford Moror

James Allen quotes

For true success ask yourself these four questions: ❶ Why?  ❷ Why not?  

Why not me?  ❹ Why not now?

James Allen