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Jack Welch, the legendary former CEO of GE, believed that the only way to lead is to talk about company's values, not numbers.

  The Tree of Business Success

Welch said, "Numbers aren't the vision; numbers are products. We always say that if you had three measurements to live by, they'd be employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. If you've got cash in the till at the end, the rest is all going to work, because if you've got high customer satisfaction, you're going to get a share. If you've got high employee satisfaction, you're going to get productivity. And if you've got cash, you know it's all working."

Nowhere GE shared values take on greater importance than on a small, wallet-size card that GE employees now carry with them. GE's values are so important to the company, that Jack Welch had them inscribed and distributed to all GE employees, at every level of the company.

But before the cards were furnished to the staff, GE had come to consensus on which core values it wanted to cultivate in its employees. Many hours were spent at GE's Leadership Institute and elsewhere deciding on exactly what those values should be. It became a badge of honor not only to carry the card but also to uphold the values.

As Jack Welch notes: "There isn't a human being in GE that wouldn't have the Values Guide with them. In their wallet, in their purse. It means everything and we live it. And we remove people who don't have those values, even when they post great results."... More

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