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10 Commandments of Innovation

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I created 3 world-changing innovations (e-Coach, InnoBall, Innompics) and many smaller soft innovations.

Here are my 10 rules that help me innovate relentlessly.

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  Have a Big Dream





Create a daring and inspiring vision of the desired future you want to create.

Develop a vision-focused innovation strategy.

Focus on your core competences and sustainable competitive advantage.

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  Inspire Your Team





Communicate your daring strategic intent and lead towards it by example.

Inspire, empower and energize people.

Create an inspiring culture, make business fun.

  VadiK innovation quotes, If you don't change the world why do you exist at all?




  Focus on Customers





Strive to create innovative value for your customers.

Preach and practice customer-driven innovation to create customers.

Involve customers as partners in your new product development process.

  Love for Customers cascade of innovation river of revenues Vadim Kotelnikov quotes




  Be Amazingly Different





Surprise to win: think outside the box and break rules. Play simulation games with disruptive ideas.

Introduce radical innovations and change the name of the game.

Differentiate yourself and your product.

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  Establish the Process





Think A-to-Z. Provide strategic alignment and weighted guiding principles.

Design a business model; establish rules, structure, and a measuring system. Encourage jazz-like improvisation
within a guiding structure

  Innovation Process holistic approach A to Z 360




  Take Risk





Break rules, take entrepreneurial action nothing venture, nothing win.

Experiment and learn from market feedback. Learn from failures to start again smarter.

  Innovator quotes Vadim Kotelnikov you are much bigger than you think




  Lead Change





Create a mindset of creative dissatisfaction to reduce resistance to change.  Lead by example, demonstrate entrepreneurial-leadership attributes. Adapt to rapid internal and external change, create positive change.

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 Be Entrepreneurial





Develop and practice entrepreneurial creativity daily, learn continually, be persistent. Look for opportunities everywhere and pursue them with speed. Overcome obstacles, solve problems creatively, turn problems to opportunities.

  Innovation is 1% invention plus 99% entrepreneurial action VadiK quotes






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VadiK Vadim Kotelnikov

Keep learning forward for if you strop learning, you stop creating history and become history.

Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of 1000ventures - personal logo VadiK

Inventor Business e-Coach

Author Innoball

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