Adapted from How To Kill a Team's Creativity, Sethi R., Smith D. and Park W.


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New Product Development: 10 Best Practices

  • Keep the Team small. Increased functional diversity of the teams does not necessarily increase innovation. Social cohesion between the members of a team can suppress the exchange of views, since cohesive groups focus on maintaining relationships and seeking concurrence. Cut back on number of functional areas represented on the team, so as help the team crystallize its identity.

  • Invite outsiders. Sprinkle the group with some outsiders so as to lower the social cohesion that can inhibit creativity >>>

  • Monitor closely. A too hands-off approach to a team is not effective. Close monitoring of the team stresses the corporate importance of the project and motivates team members.  >>>

  • Communicate expectations. Expectations of innovation are key. Make it clear that the team is expected to undertake experimentation and risk taking, rather than incremental improvement of current products and processes.   >>>

The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Guiding Principles