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Benefits of High IQ Leadership and a High LQ Culture

Love quotient (LQ) is your ability to understand, nurture and express love.

Passion for work, honesty and transparency are the traits of a high LQ leader who sets an example and creates a high LQ culture that encourages loving relationships, supports shared values and inspires positive change.

A leader with high LQ has also great capacity to empathize with and to listen to the concerns that employees may raise about uncertainties and risks associated with the changes that are taking place.

The higher the leader’s LQ, the more secure employees feel because they believe that the changes are coming from a place of love. Employees feel loved and trusted. They are empowered and are willing to experiment with new ideas, learn from failures and start again wiser.






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In a passionate team, love for each other creates an atmosphere of trust which is an important source of competitive advantage and outstanding performance of an innovation team.

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Creating a Desired Future State

High LQ managers empathize with their internal and external customers. They are open to understanding new trends and the impact they will have on their markets. Leaders with a high LQ adopt a customer-centric mindset, focus on meeting the needs of future customers and create – actively and systematically – a movement to achieve a future desired state.

High LQ strategists understand the growing role of customer empowerment and ensure that the firm is focused on developing solutions that will appeal to next generation customers.

Management by consciousness harmonizes people, resources and processes toward the fulfillment of goals leading to human development, social benefit and global welfare.


Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues >>>

Vadim Kotelnikov

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