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  Entrepreneurial Leader: 4 Attributes


Key Competences of a Radical Project Manager

Engaging individual entrepreneurial creativity Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, initiative,  and energy; managing expectations


Business Synergies Approach to Project Management



Business e-Coach Innopreneurial Games

Innovation Football (Innoball) and Innovation Chess (Innochess) are breakthrough business games that help disruptive innopreneurs achieve great success in the real world.  These simulation games develop as a sequence of assumed moves by innovators and their opponents. They help you to:


Specific Leadership Attributes
Venturepreneurial Attitude and Skills
Ventupreneurial Thinking (strategic creativity, turning challenges to opportunities, strategic creative problem solving)
Acquisition of competencies and resources for implementation of a radical project
Assembling and Leading a Venturepreneurial Team
Venture Marketing


Leading Up
Managing Expectations of Stakeholders

Radical Project Management: Specific Competencies
Strengthening the Business Case
Reducing Uncertainties and Risks (entrepreneurial simulation games)
 Strategic Experimentation (emerging opportunities, beta-testing)
 Strategic Flexibility (dealing with project discontinuities and emerging opportunities)
Strategic Alliances with providers of complementary parts and processes
Marketing and Selling Radical Innovations


Specific Skills of Radical Project Managers

"The ultimate risk is not taking a risk."  James Goldsmith

  • Dealing with the chaotic nature of the radical project management environment: "Without order nothing can exist without chaos nothing can evolve." Radical projects are experimental as experimentation is the key to discovery and venture development. The radical project manager must balance formal processes at one extreme with the fluid creative chaos of challenges, ideas, opportunities, relationships, interests, and transactions at the other.

  • Entrepreneurial Creativity and skill in resource and competency acquisition: Incremental innovation projects are usually fully funded. Experimental and chaotic radical projects have to deal with various resource challenges and discontinuities.

Freedom To Fail

Noble Failure

  • Overcoming project discontinuities: The occurrence of unanticipated crises may force the project to regress to a less mature level. The radical project manager should work toward establishing both formal and informal project legitimacy in the eyes of the organization to counter organizational resistance to radical innovation.

  • Improvising and taking tactical detours: The levels of uncertainties may rise and fall throughout the project. The project manager must be able to solve problems creatively, to take risk, and to lead the team in adapting and redirecting its focus as necessary to keep the project moving.  >>>

Loose-Tight Leadership

  • Preparing a project for acceptance by a manufacturing partner an existing business unit, a new business unit, or a spin-off company. It is difficult and unusual for radical innovation projects to reach the level of maturity expected by most business units before handoff.1 The receiving unit wants to be confident that:

    • the technology tested on a pilot scale will work after being scaled up for mass production

    • the production process have been designed and tested so that the product can be produced reliably

    • the product has features and attributes that are either desired in the marketplace consciously or subconsciously or can be made desirable through implementation of a specially designed innovative marketing strategy

    • applications and customers − enthusiasts, early adopters and pragmatists − are well enough understood so that marketing, sales and distribution functions can be implemented successfully

    • projected market share, capitalization and revenues can be achieved.

A "transition team" may be used to accelerate the project through the final stages of the maturation process.1

Business e-Coach KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

10 KITT - KoRe Innovative Thinking Tools by Vadim Kotelnikov

KoRe 10 Tools help innovators approach creation of entrepreneurial strategies and anticipation of opponents' moves more systematically. The KoRe 10 Tools help also  innovation leaders and radical project managers strengthen and synergize the most important areas of innovation... More 

Case Studies GE Digital X-Ray Project

The GE Digital X-Ray projetct case study Case is presented in the form of a football game a revolutionary form of Ten3 Innovation Training... >>>



Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

In radical innovation, every step forward is a step into terra incognita where opportunities are guides and failures are teachers. >>>

Vadim Kotelnikov


Thomas Edison advice quotes invention discovery

Hell, there are no rules here ‒ we're trying to accomplish something.

Thomas Edison

IDEO Tom Kelley creativity innovation quotes

When you're creating something new to the world, quick prototyping is about taking chances, stumbling a little, but then making it right.

Tom Kelley


Peter Drucker advice

For in-company ventures in an established business, insulate the new venture from the main business... More

Peter Drucker

Thought Leader



1. Radical Innovation, Harvard Business School