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3Ws of Leadership

Who (Character), What (Vision), How (Style)

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The 3Ws of leadership are Who, What, and How




3Ws of Leadership: Who, What, How - Character, Vision, Style  

Who you are: your character and personality, beliefs and values, aspirations and principles, desires and abilities, arts and skills.

What change you want to bring about: your vision and strategic intent.

How to lead change towards your vision: your leadership style, approach, and actions.




Based on your character and vision, invent the most effective and efficient leadership style that will help you turn your vision to reality.

Combine useful elements of various leadership styles and add what is specifically your own to create your trademark way of leadership.

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My 3-part plan for every day:

Listen up

Look around

Change the world


Character: I keep reinventing myself, but my values and principles are big constants. I adapt my leadership style to them.

Vision: I have a specific vision for my life and each of my mega-innovations.




For instance, my vision for Innompic Games is to turn the Earth to a Planet of Loving Creators. This vision is a big constant. So, while leading Innompic Games towards their noble vision I adapt my leadership style to the three big contacts: Innompic vision, my values, and my principles.

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Styles: As a leader 360 I must lead all around me and adapt my inspirational-leadership styles to diverse groups of stakeholders.



Thought Leader

Inspirational Leader



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If you create something unseen before,
prepare to address challenges unmet earlier


The vision “Planet of Loving Creators” is shared by all Innompians – contestants, partners, co-organizers, goodwill ambassadors, co-investors alike – but their drivers and motivation are different.




So, I adapt my leadership styles accordingly to get the most for and out of all involved and help us achieve our shared vision jointly.

Yet, one leadership style is universal – it is leadership by example.

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Take Away





Choose or invent a leadership style that would spin your leadership-change wheel smoothly in the desired direction.

And keep in mind that one leadership style is universal – it is leadership by example.


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