If you strop learning,
you stop creating history and become history.




Developing other people starts with the self. Aim to be the kind of manager who gets the best from staff, and who does the best for them.  >>>

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Consider your values as well as your strengths, weaknesses, and personality. Carry out a Strength-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) analysis on yourself.

One of the essential values is honesty. If you are honest with yourself, you will treat other people honestly too. Never work with an organization whose values are unacceptable to you.

Do 360 feedback analysis to understand you where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Use the GROW coaching model on yourself to improve your performance, develop a roadmap to your personal success and lead yourself towards it.

Goal: identify specific goals you want to achieve... More

Self-Coaching: 6W Questions

Based on this information, form an action plan. Concentrate on your strengths and waste as little effort as possible on improving areas of low competence.

Work Smart and Hard

Ask everyone who works with you to form and adopt an action plan.

Test your knowledge to develop your abilities for managing and being managed by considering the following questions:

  • Do I know what everybody else does?

  • Do I know how they perform?

  • Do I know what they contribute and what results are expected?

  • Do I trust the people I work with?

  • Do I treat each of them as individuals?

  • Do I know their strengths?

Work towards a positive answer to each of them. Use "the mirror test" and make sure you pass it. It consists of one question: "What kind of persons do I want to see in the mirror in the morning?" ... More





Peter Drucker advice

Work, and hard, to improve the way you perform. Don't do work of any kind in a way you perform badly.

Peter Drucker

Steve Jobs advice quotes

There is always one more thing to learn.


Steve Jobs


Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

If you are truly passionate about your work, everything around you becomes your inspiring coach.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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