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5 Digital Marketing Trends
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The world of digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape. Ideas that were once considered outlandish and far-fetched, like artificial intelligence, have become top strategies for marketers everywhere.

To stay relevant and thrive, marketing can't wither over time; it must be well maintained. With the digital space rapidly evolving, you can't afford to fall behind.

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So, what does this mean exactly?

Here are five of the most important digital marketing trends.


1. Personalization

This is the year of personalized messaging. 90 percent of consumers say they find personalized marketing appealing, and 80 percent are more likely to do business with a brand that offers personalized digital experiences.

Major companies are tailoring their messages to their unique consumer behaviors. Companies like Netflix, Starbucks and Amazon are leading the pack. Heavily analyzing data like consumer demographics, interests and behavior is key to making this marketing trend work for your brand.

2. Video

With the rise in viewership on social video tools like Instagram TV, Facebook Watch, and even Tik Tok, videos are powerful. In fact, video is 50 times more likely to drive searches on a website than text. Simply put, people love to be entertained.

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With an obvious shift from desktop to mobile, consumers don't want to read long-winded marketing material anymore. When asked about how they would best like to learn about a new product, 68 percent of consumers chose "short video" over any other form of marketing. Watching well-done, to the point, and entertaining video content is easier, better understood and more fun.



3. Chatbots

An example of artificial intelligence at work, chatbots have become one of the most preferred channels for discussion today. Simply put, chatbots are automated software that performs specific communication with customers.

Artificial intelligence strategies promote high engagement and quick responses to customers. With chatbots, customer service quality and efficiency significantly improve. In a heavily polluted digital space, directly corresponding with customers in a personal chatroom allows for not only targeted messages, but stronger relationships.

4. Podcasts

With influencers and celebrities popping up with their new podcasts right and left, the platform has become a key player in the future of digital marketing.

Podcasts provide a prime opportunity to connect to niche markets through influencers. By connecting to these niche markets, you're offering digital marketing in a much less-polluted digital field. This allows for more personalized content and more traffic to your brand.



5. Interactive Content

Just as text has shifted to video, traditional digital marketing tactics have shifted to interactive. Some examples of powerful interactive tools are quizzes and polls, 360-degree videos and augmented reality advertisements.

91 percent of buyers are actively looking for more interaction with the brands they support. By including interactive content in your online marketing, your consumers are highly engaged, and your brand stands out among the masses. Interactive content influences consumer behavior and harnesses the power of advanced technology available today.

Digital Marketing Trends: Adopt Them Today

If you're a marketer, you know that change is fundamental. To keep up with the dynamic digital world, implement the digital marketing trends already being used by competitors. There's no time to waste.

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