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Study the Past to Forecast the Future

"The further backward you look, the further ahead you see," advised Winston Churchill. Study the past and build new connections to the present if you want to improve your ability to anticipate change and forecast the future.


Ask Learning SWOT Questions

Transformational Change

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Vadim Kotelnikov

Smart ones recognize change.
Smarter ones anticipate change.
Smartest ones create change

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HIGHERsight  rapid learning course by VadiK trend watching  

Develop HIGHERsight

to be able to
see higher, anticipate farther, understand that others can't,
and manage change better.

Insight focuses on here-and-now.
Highersight focuses on the future.





Play Simulation Games

Entrepreneurial simulation games, such as INNOBALL, will help you anticipate challenges, deal with them creatively, and ultimately exceed the initially desired results of a radical change project. 

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Analyze Trends

Understand the drivers of change. Look at your business from outside in and ask ‒ relentlessly ‒ searching questions, such as 'What's happening in the marketplace? Where the competitors are heading?'

Empathize with consumers to understand how their needs are changing.


Trend Watching

Trend Spotting Tips

Partner with customers to anticipate what they need before they know they need it





Visualize the Future and
Make a Contrastive Analysis

Visualize the big picture of the future, compare it with the current state of things and identify things that differ from one another. Think strategically about your way towards that future.

The milestone-based thinking approach will help you anticipate the specific needs of your business.


Futures Thinking




Anticipate Change

6 Tips




Engage Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the feeling mind. It reasons inductively, from the specific to the general. It works millions times faster than the conscious mind. The energy in the subconscious mind is inexhaustible. Using the subconscious mind is effortless. Once anticipation became habit ‒ in other words, the task was relegated to the subconscious mind ‒ it became so easy, that you do not have to think about it when you are doing it.

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Question Strategic Assumptions

Any strategic decision or plan is only as good as the strategic assumptions upon which it is based. Consider the situation from many different angles. Allow originality to provoke new images of reality. When an existing paradigm no longer adequately predicts relevant phenomenon, adopt a new paradigm. open your mind and start thinking differently, outside the box.


Challenge Assumptions


Think Differently

Take a Different Point of View

Ask 'Why? What If?' Questions