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Formal Time Off

Intrapreneurs and would-be intrapreneurs must have formal time off for research, ideation and development of their projects.

For instance, Google lets their engineers spend 20% of their time working on whatever they want.


Entrepreneurial Organization

People and Enablers

Intrapreneurial Organization

Intrapreneurship: 6 Core Characteristics

Smartness/Attitude Matrix



Intrapreneurial Organization  

Leading organizations create an inspiring, energizing and encouraging intrapreneurial culture. They give intrapreneurs freedom to experiment with the their ideas, fail forward and restart wiser. They remove roadblocks and establish intrapreneurship-friendly structures and processes.




Room for Growth

Provide intrapreneurs with a room for growth so they could expand their activities and develop their projects. Intrapreneurial projects can be evolutionary or revolutionary.

Revolutionary projects must be isolated from corporate bureaucracy, so consider establishment of an innovation incubator for disruptive in-company startups.

For evolutionary intrapreneurial projects, GE Work-Out methodology can be used as a model to adopt or adapt.



Take Strategic Initiative

INNOBALL-powered Business Case

Develop an Innovative Workforce

Entrepreneurial Employees

How To Develop Entrepreneurial Staff

GE Work-Out  >>  Goals

Eliminate Bureaucracy






Intrapreneurs must have access to special resources dedicated to development of intrapreneurial capabilities and projects. Think of intrapreneurship as a distinctive capability that needs support. There are many things you can do to support intrapreneurship.

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Entrepreneurial Organization keys to success  

For example, the 60-30-10 rule of innovation can be a structured way of managing innovation and allocating resources throughout the organization.

This can be a good starting point to distribute resources between the core (60%), adjacent (30%) and transformational (10%) initiatives.





Intrapreneurs, especially first-time intrapreneurs and would-be intrapreneurs, require mentors, and partners.

Social Intrapreneurship

Proactive intrapreneurial employees give their best to the company only if they can make a great positive impact... More


Growth 10+ is People 10+

Smartness/Attitude Matrix

Organization and People for Innovation

Empowered Teams






Intrapreneurship Success Boosters




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Innovation Brainball entrepreneurial simulation game helps strengthen intrapreneural thinking and the business case of an intrapreneurial project, reduce risks and achieve greater results.




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Entrepreneurial Organization








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Intrapreneurship is an entrepreneurial way of thinking about emerging opportunities, radical improvement, and  radical innovation inside organizations that focuses on specific challenges the company already faces.