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Why Intrapreneurial Organization

Organizations that are intrapreneurial in nature are usually more profitable and enjoyable for employees and their entrepreneurial leaders.

Entrepreneurial organizations see real growth and breakthroughs when their employees are not just involved and empowered, but also encouraged to take intrapreneurial initiative and action.



6 Core Characteristics of Intrapreneurship

Entrepreneurial Creativity

Action Areas

People Power





In today’s rapidly changing world disruptive innovations transform entire industries. Many large firms were disrupted by start-ups and have missed out on various new growth opportunities due to their inability to match the speed of decision-making and execution of entrepreneurs. To survive in this dynamic business environment organizations must be agile enough. They must become intrapreneurial to react to all these changes and challenges.


Entrepreneurial Organization

People and Enablers

Culture of Creative Dissatisfaction

Employee Performance Management





Embracing and Managing Entrepreneurial Risks

The three main components of an intrapreneurial organization are an inspiring intrapreneurial culture, procedures supporting intrapreneurship, and structures that eliminate bureaucracy and other typical corporate roadblocks.

Intrapreneurship is about embracing and managing entrepreneurial risks. Companies must get used to such risks as a tangible cost.


Entrepreneurial Employees

Smartness/Attitude Matrix

10 Steps to Develop Entrepreneurial Staff

Eliminate Bureaucracy



Entrepreneurial Organization keys to success  

Entrepreneurial Organization

New venture policies and procedures must be developed and supported by CEO.

Entrepreneurial employees must be allowed to identify opportunities for innovation and growth, encouraged to think like business owners.




Entrepreneurial employees must be given time and resources necessary to evaluate and pursue these opportunities based on a a practical business plan or a business case.

Bureaucracy should be kept to a minimum.

For successful in-company ventures, the rewards should be shared with the people who made them possible.


Growth 10+ is People 10+

Entrepreneurial Attributes

Empower Cross-functional Innovation Teams



Space for Intrapreneurship Intrapreneurial Organization  
Organization and People for Innovation






Intrapreneurship Success Boosters





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KoRe Playbooks

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Intrapreneurial Project prepare to win InnoBall entreoreneurial simulation gane  


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Entrepreneurial Organization playbook





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Intrapreneurship is an entrepreneurial way of thinking about emerging opportunities, radical improvement, and  radical innovation inside organizations that focuses on specific challenges the company already faces.