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In most complex situations, it's not me who comes to a conclusion, it's a conclusion who comes to me.

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"I close my eyes... and see clearly...

I stop trying to listen... and hear truth..."

~ Ancient Taoist meditation



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Brainstilling vs. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a collective or individual method of creative problem solving. One major reason why brainstorming is useful is that it helps to free us from 'fixed ideas'.

Brainstilling is about silencing your mind and listening to your inner guide and the Universe.






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Can you step back from your own mind and thus understand all things? Quiet your mind and stop judging and resisting and manipulating the natural way.

Lao Tzu




Listen to Your Higher Self

Brainstilling can be used when you need to arrive silently and peacefully  to a rational and enduring solution or decision. For beginners, the best place for brainstilling is a meditation room or  a 'Room of Silence'.  'Silence' is understood here in a broader sense and includes absence of speech as well as a perfect calm in body, mind and heart. The strategist should retire from routine problems, sit peacefully and silently, see the challenge as a part of the big picture, meditate over the situation and wait for your subconscious mind, intuition or higher self to come up with a harmonious solution.


Knowledge, Wisdom, Enlightenment

3 Levels of Comprehension

Thought Leader

"Circles of Silence"

Wise Listening

Listen to the Universe





Meditation is a powerful mind tool improves creativity, intelligence, memory, and alertness.  In addition, meditation integrates left and right brain functioning and improves physical, mental, and emotional health... More


Benefits of Meditation

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Management by Consciousness

Management by consciousness is a holistic approach to managing. It starts with managing your 'self' first. Self and Self-management is an essential step to the new management era.

Management by consciousness harmonizes people, resources and processes toward the fulfillment of goals leading to sustainable business human development, social benefit and global welfare... More


Balanced Business

5 Basic Elements

Business Success 360

Management by Consciousness & the Eastern Philosophy









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