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Managing Failures

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The biggest failure is the failure to learn from a failure.



Prevent  Stupid Failures

A noble failure is about learning from a failure that occurred regardless all efforts to anticipate and avoid it.

A stupid failure is about making the same mistake again.

To prevent stupid failures, develop a habit of taking a systemic view of things. Analyze the entire system that involves people, their perceptions, and a sequence of thoughts, decisions, events, feelings, actions and interactions.

Failure is not an accident it' the result of interactions in a system.

Look at the different elements in a situation as parts of a system which functions for good or ill. Take different perceptual positions to gain a better understanding of the situation. Empathize with other stakeholders to understand their needs, expectations and desires.

Once you understand how the system is working for or against you structure things differently, so you can avoid 'failure' again in the future.



Start Change Smarter

When you start creating change, you start creating enemies and resistance to change as well.

How To Overcome Resistance to Change: KoRe 10 Tips

Prepare to win! Yes, you can learn from failures as you go, but you can also avoid many failures and start smarter by playing a simulation game, like Innovation Brainball (Innoball) before you embark of a real journey. Innoball helps you anticipate risks and develop more effective change implementation strategies. Without Innoball, 70% of radical change  and mega-change efforts fail. Innoball will help you not just succeed, but achieve far beyond your aspirations!

How To Prevent Failures: INNOBALL simulation game by Vadim Kotelnikov




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People in their handlings of affairs often fail when they are about to succeed. If one remains as careful at the end as he was at the beginning, there will be no failure.