Leaders create news.
Others watch news.
Which group do you belong to?

Smart ones recognize change.

Smarter ones anticipate change.

Smartest ones create change.  >>>



3 Levels of Change Management Change Management Anticipating Change Create Change Drivers of Change Vadim Kotelnikov Business e-Coach: 10 Achievement Lessons Change Management 3 levels: create change, anticipate change, recognize change, Vadim Kotelnikov, free e-coach

TAO of CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Yin and Yang - Adapting To External Change and Creating Change, Leading Change. Leadership and Change Management



Make a Difference!    Evolution vs. Revolution

Create Change  >>  Balanced Wheel of Change

System Approach to Change Management

Organizational Change  >>  10 Tips



Change-Leadership Perpetuum Mobile:
Change creates Leaders, Leaders create Change.





How To Anticipate Change PTASAS Vadim Kotelnikov emfographics



Anticipate Change    Spot Trends    Think Fast

Paradigm Shift    Change Program

Innovate Proactively  >>  Prepare to win

Creative Dissatisfaction  >>  Culture


  Learning SWOT Questions


Know Your Enemies  >>  Enemies of Change

Venture Marketer  >>  Sell Twin Benefits

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Resistance to Change    Barriers to Change

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Presentation that Inspires Change  >>  Story

Motivate Employees To Embrace Change