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Sometimes revolution is demanded, but normally evolutionary change is more effective.

Why Change Fails: 8 Common Errors

How you change a business unit to adapt to shifting economy and markets is a matter of management style.

Evolutionary change, that involves setting direction, allocating responsibilities, and establishing reasonable timelines for achieving objectives, is relatively painless. However, it is rarely fast enough or comprehensive enough to move ahead of the curve in an evolving world where stakes are high, and the response time is short.

When faced with market-driven urgency, abrupt and sometimes disruptive change, such as organizational transformation, dramatic downsizing or reengineering, may be required to keep the company competitive.

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In situations when timing is critical to success, and companies must get more efficient and productive rapidly, revolutionary change is demanded.  >>>

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When choosing between evolutionary change and revolutionary action, you as a leader must pursue a balanced and pragmatic approach. Swinging too far to revolutionary extreme may create "a corporate culture that is so impatient, and so focused on change, that it fails to give new initiatives and new personnel time to take root, stabilize, and grow. What's more, it creates a high-tension environment that intimidates rather than nurtures people, leaving them with little or no emotional investment in the company," warns Mark Stevens, the author of Extreme Management.

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Shun the incremental, and look for the
quantum leap.

Change before you have to.  >>>

Jack Welch


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Change-Leadership Perpetuum Mobile:

Change creates leaders;

Leaders create change.

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