Benefits of Knowledge Communities

Knowledge communities organized around the principles of entrepreneurship and taking into consideration specific features of knowledge workers have the best chance at success.

Members of these communities exciting, intrapreneurial, and highly profitable would emulate entrepreneurs acting less like followers and more like empowered founders and builders of new organizational value.




Three Steps to Establishing Knowledge Communities

Use entrepreneurial approaches to organize knowledge communities within your organization to give it what it needs most radical innovation. To establish cross-functional knowledge communities  in your organization from scratch, you may need to go through the following three stages:

Information sharing through task forces, cross-departmental activities, e-mail.

Cross-departmental Cooperation through cross-functional teams

Knowledge community a vision of knowledge community has been embraced by the organization; supportive culture and connectivity established.




Case Studies British Petroleum

"In order to generate extraordinary value for shareholders, a company has to learn better than its competitors and apply that knowledge throughout its businesses faster and more widely than they do. The way we see it, anyone in the organization who is not directly accountable for making a profit should be involved in creating and distributing knowledge that the company can use to make a profit."
~ John Browne, CEO, BP Amoco

British Petroleum has a worldwide reputation for commitment to knowledge management (KM). BP became one of the first few companies to treat knowledge management as a separate discipline when it established a Knowledge Management Team (KMT).

In order to integrate the efforts of the business units engaged in the same business activities and reduce barriers to knowledge sharing, they were organized into peer groups. They met periodically to discuss the performance of their businesses. The purpose of the reorganization was to facilitate knowledge sharing and build synergies, i.e. to exchange knowledge and synergize creative capabilities and expertise of the employees working in different business units of BP. .. More





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Reward and celebrate new ideas to encourage others to want contribute as well.

Jack Welch


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Reward people for contributing to a full flow of knowledge  >>>

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