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Human Barriers to
Knowledge Sharing and Transfer





▪ Knowledge transfer is often a case of who you know versus what you know.

▪ Sharing your best thinking, data, information, understanding, and opinion with others diminishes your personal competitive advantage.

▪ Use of other people's knowledge is often resisted, in particular the 'not-invented-here syndrome' is difficult to brake down.

▪ Improving by synthesizing new ideas continuously while purging yesterday's conventional wisdom is difficult due to resistance to change.


Losing Organization

Silo Mentality

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Inner Enemies of Business

Enemies of Innovation




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Keep learning forward for if you strop learning, you stop creating history and become history.

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How To Address Knowledge-sharing Challenges






How To Manage Tacit Knowledge

Managing tacit knowledge is a significant challenge in the business world and it requires more than mere awareness of barriers. Mechanisms by which collective tacit knowledge is created and tapped include brainstorming, gamification, loose-tight leadership, and knowledge communities... More


Tacit Knowledge

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Knowledge-based Enterprise

Organizational IQ





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Tips for Reducing Human and Organizational Barriers to Knowledge Sharing




Bill Gates advice

Reward people for contributing to a full flow of knowledge.

Bill Gates


Jack Welch advice business quotes

Reward and celebrate new ideas to encourage others to want contribute as well.

Jack Welch



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Inspire advocates. Mental diversity is very important you need individuals who celebrate different viewpoints.

Tom Kelley