Become a Master of Persuasion


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Result-oriented Communication  

 result-oriented communication

Earning the Support of Others

Your persuasion power will earn you the support of others.

It can help you get more of the things you want faster than anything else you do. It can mean the difference between success and failure.




Persuasion power can guarantee your progress and enable you to use all of your other skills and abilities at the very highest level.

You Have Two Choices

There are always two choices: either you can persuade others to help you or you can be persuaded to help them.  It is one or the other.


Result-oriented Communication

Persuasion Dish

Yin and Yang of Influencing People

How To Sell Innovative Ideas to Decision Makers




Most people are not aware that every human interaction involves a complex process of persuasion and influence. And being unaware, they are usually the ones being persuaded to help others rather than the ones who are doing the persuading.

"Would you persuade, speak of interest, not of reason." ~ Benjamin Franklin







Result-oriented Communication  

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Result-oriented Communication

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4Ps of Persuasion  ▪  Lead by Example



The Key To Persuasion

The key to persuasion is motivation. Every human action is motivated by something. Your job is to find out what motivates other people and then to provide that motivation. People have two major motivations: the desire for gain and the fear of loss. The desire for gain motivates people to want more of the things they value in life. They want more money, more success, more health, more influence, more respect, more love and more happiness. Human wants are limited only by individual imagination. No matter how much a person has, he or she still wants more and more. When you can show a person how he or she can get more of the things he or she wants by helping you achieve your goals, you can motivate them to act in your behalf.


 7 Tips for Persuading Others





A Presidential Insight

President Eisenhower once said that, “Persuasion is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do, and to like it.” You need always to be thinking about how you can get people to want to do the things that you need them to do to attain your objectives.



The Fear of Loss

People are also motivated to act by the fear of loss. This fear, in all its various forms, is often stronger than the desire for gain. People fear financial loss, loss of health, anger or disapproval of others, loss of the love of someone and the loss of anything they have worked hard to accomplish. They fear change, risk and uncertainty because these threaten them with potential losses.



Use Dual Motivation

Whenever you can show a person that, by doing what you want them to do, they can avoid a loss of some kind, you can influence them to take a particular action. The very best appeals are those where you offer an opportunity to gain and an opportunity to avoid loss at the same time.



Action Steps

Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action.

First, before trying to convince someone of something, take a little time to think and ask questions to find out what it is he really wants. Then, motivate him to act by showing him how you can help him get it.

Second, think about how you can save a person from some loss or guarantee them a particular outcome if they accept your ideas.

Remember, people are motivated for their reasons, not yours.





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