Focus on your vision to start noticing things related to it.




Focus on the whole, not the parts, find relationships between elements.




Think systemically, combine intuition and data, analytical thinking with synthetical thinking to find system-wide focus.





Search for synergies among business units, functions, processes, innovations, and partners.




Look beyond the obvious, search for connections between situations that are not obviously related.





Change perceptual positions, step out of your shoes and into the shoes of other stakeholders customers, competitors, partners, investors to surface new insights.




Balance the short and long term, generate short term wins, and consolidate gains... More



Holistic thinking is the ability to see things as a whole (or holistically), to understand and predict the many different types of relationships between the many elements in a complex system (example), and also perceive  the whole picture through sensing its large-scale patterns.


Synthetical thinking is deliberately finding repeating patterns (or common themes) across a system or situation.