Portfolio is much more than just a list of initiatives. It also has charts that help corporate leaders compare these initiatives across dimensions such as stretch, strategic fit, risk, potential return and resource requirements.

By using different charts as lenses to compare initiatives, companies can mix and match alternatives until they come up with the portfolio that's the best for them.




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How to decide If your innovation portfolio has enough stretch?

Silicon Valley firms use the following methods.

Balance between revolutionary and evolutionary initiatives. First, Silicon Valley companies assess the overall balance between revolutionary and evolutionary projects. The ultimate arbitrator of portfolio stretch if the innovation leaders’ judgment, experience, intuition, and luck.  >>>

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Internally, corporate leaders constantly ask, if we execute our portfolio successfully, where will this position our company a year or two from today?  >>>

Externally, Silicon Valley executives test their portfolios through their network of contacts, augmented with technical conferences, trade shows, analysts’ reports, and venture capitalist briefings. The real challenge is learning not just what others are working on but what level of success they’ve achieved.  >>>



Monitoring and roadmapping

Silicon Valley companies constantly monitor technology developments that are independent of product and service initiatives. They maintain roadmaps that define the next technologies they will pursue and the requisite timing of each.  >>>

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The companies match these technology roadmaps to their product roadmaps to ensure that the two are synchronized. By doing so, they track always at leas two generations of technologies, products, and services. Technology roadmaps identify technologies and define a migration path from one to another, as well as within the company. Core technology developments that take longer are separated from shorter product and service initiatives.  >>>

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