Strategic Management:

Strategy Formulation

Business Portfolio Analysis

Selecting Your Business and Innovation Project Portfolio

By: Vadim Kotelnikov

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"Change starts when someone sees the next step." ~ William Drayton

Special Tools for Strategy Formulation

Three Primary Criteria to Assess Your Innovation Portfolio1

  1. Stretch and strategic fit.

  2. Capabilities and capacity.

  3. Leverage and risk...  More


What is Business Portfolio Analysis?


Business portfolio analysis is an enterprise strategy development tool based primarily on the market share of your business and the growth of market in which your business exists.

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Why is Business Portfolio Analysis?

Business portfolio analysis as an organizational strategy formulation technique is based on the philosophy that organizations should develop strategy much as they handle investment portfolios. Just as sound financial investments should be supported and unsound ones discarded, sound organizational activities should be emphasized and unsound ones deemphasized.2

Differentiation Strategies

Most Popular Business Portfolio Tools

Three most popular business portfolio tools are the BCG Growth-Share Matrix, the GE Multifactor Portfolio Matrix, Matsushita Strategy Matrix, and road-mapping. The GE Multifactor Portfolio Matrix was deliberately designed by General Electric Company (GE) and McKinsey and Company to be more complete that the BCG Growth-Share Matrix.

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Innovation Portfolio

There are four reasons why you should use the portfolio approach to manage innovation.

  1. Risk Management

  2. Visibility

  3. Timing of New Initiatives

  4. Discovering Synergies... More




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