How To Make Cross-Pollination an Integral Part of Your Workplace



Browse, constantly search for new ideas and inspiration: make constant browsing of journals, books, newspapers, Internet and other sources your habit and an integral part of your corporate culture Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book >>>




Play a Film Director: break the world down into scenes and become expert at watching people, especially enthusiasts, perform even the smallest tasks. Taking on the perspective of a film director and watching events outside your normal sphere can heighten your observation skills.




Hold an Open House periodically to spread the best disciplines of your company far and wide. Keep it casual. Encourage comments and ideas. Combine it with some food to get people talking.



Inspire Advocates: mental diversity is very important you need individuals who celebrate different viewpoints. They will make you more conscious of critical constituencies and considerations in every new project.



Hire Outsiders: fresh blood invigorates a company and introduces new ideas. Hire a diverse group of individuals and people just slightly off center, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.




Change Hats: when you start a new project, work up compelling characters to represent some possible users of your new products or services. Sketch them, give them names, families and background stories >>>



Build Cross-Functional Expertise: benefit from little drills, processes and knowledge you pick up from other businesses; don't focus too much on your competition spend as much time learn from noncompetitive industries as well. Simple solutions to many problems are often just nearby waiting for you to find them.  >>>