There are no conventional ways to speed up indexing of a new article by Google, but outside-the-box solutions are plentiful. All you need to invent one is to reframe the challenge.





There Are No Conventional Ways

SEO marketing experts agree that there are no conventional ways to get Google to index a new page faster. Google Search Console doesn't speed up indexing − it's for getting analytics only.

Some SEO marketing experts write articles suggesting some possible solutions. They write something like this: "Here are 20 tips for you... they are unlikely to work, but you can try. And thank you for reading my article. Keep coming back."


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Outside-the-Box Creative Solution

Yes, there is no standard way to speed up Google indexing.

Yet, we've worked out an outside-the-box − secret − solution that will allow us to get new articles indexed by Google much faster.


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Invent Your Own Creative Solution

You can invent your own creative solution to this challenge easily.

All you need is to reframe the problem.

What do you actually need to be indexed faster − a new webpage or a new article?

As soon as you understand that it is not a new webpage, but a new article that you want to get indexed faster, you get rid of inside-the-box thinking and can invent an outside-the-box solution.

Wishing you joyful creative thinking!


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