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Surfing e-Coach is a highly rewarding investment of time because it inspires creativity, and creativity is the greatest reward.


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Greatest PowerPoint slides for personal and business teachers, trainers by Vadim Kotelnikov, inspirational e-Coach  

I read your webpage and bells started ringing for me!

~ Zachrey Helmberger, Would-be Entrepreneur

I admire your diverse interests and activities and
the contribution you are making in the world!

~ Sondra Sen





Thank you again for this opportunity: I am proud to be the first US Innompic judge! I'll send you more links to examples of how we can leverage resources for Innomics, particularly great collection of materials developed by Vadim Kotelnikov. His vision and readiness to try something new is a good example for many of us! I know some "Innovation gurus" who talk about open mindedness, but will not try anything new. I am looking forward to working together to make the 1st Innomic Games a success!


I've spent most of the day absorbing all the content you sent me. Clearly, it is a big elephant that I plan to eat one bite at a time.

I am impressed with how well you aligned Taoist concepts with traditional consulting terms.

Adam Halpern, Owner, NinjaTrader Indicator Warehouse
Licensed Business Guru


1000ventures radiates excitement in its quest to activate innovation, creativity, inspiration in its visitors.

Hotel Resource

I just wanted to let you know that I happened to run across your web site by accident − and, I love it! 

I am the former President of the International Management Council that is an educational program of the YMCA.  Our organization was designed to teach managers how to manage and leaders how to lead. 

Your web site offers a lot of great ideas.  Thank you for all you do!

Peggy Bane, Goodman & Company

Thank you so much for your awesome self!

Sharon Goodwyn


I just wanted to thank you for all of the labor that you put into your sites. You are an absolute genius!

Rubin Cheek, Apropos Corporate Designs (ACD)


I enjoy your work on 1000venture. I always refer it to my trainees and students of my leadership program.

Lan Bercu, President of Lead Across Cultures Intl. 



I am very intrigued by so much of what I see on your TEN3 web site.  Not only am I learning, I am also finding new ideas are coming to mind along with sets of questions.

Roland Vogel, Benz Mayer Pfleuger Vogel



Sir, you are an inspiration. All of your projects are amazing and I feel like your thoughts are my thoughts that have been within me. Thank you so much! ... I would like to share that I had a moment of breaking down today. I am doing my best to listen to my soul and live in my purpose but I have not figured it out yet.

I went on your site (I visit very often) and read
"Your Life Symphony".
After reading it over a few times, I felt calm. I love all of your content. You are a true inspirational leader.
Thank you.

Mailani Benjamin





This is great site!

Stan J. Finkelstein, Intel


We firmly believe that the Business e-Coach is the missing link between business startup and business success.

Fred Nelsen, NAAC



I was surfing the net for my human resources management class and came across your site. It is absolutely one of the best sites I have seen. It is full of a wealth of information that I can refer to for class and also use at work.

I am a supervisor in a manufacturing business and the information is good source of reading and application that I can apply at work. Great job!

Harry Munson, Northrop Grumman


Your website is amazing and it provides a wealth of information for aspiring managers.

Jim Clouser, Author


This is a really amazing site. I appreciate this great positive and motivational information and the time it took to put it all together. I appreciate you. PEACE!

Brian McKoy's Motivation and Inspiration Station


I like the information on your site. Very inspiring.

Tom Bailey


Great site.  I am currently providing a coaching campaign for a national company with its roots in Utah.  I have browsed your site many times and been impressed with the flow of information.

Curtis Reed, The Tax Club


Your web-site it's the best by far, informative and well organized.

Polo Alberto, Med-Simple


We are studying different management styles and your articles sum up what we've been talking about the best I've seen.

Jon Dillon


Dear Mr. Kotelnikov, I am impressed with your tech-transfer ideas. Bravo!

Jamie Kaplan, IC2 Institute, University of Texas at Austin


I came across your site from a search on Google, and it generated great interest from me personally.

Jonathan Wolf, Competitive Advantage Strategist


I like the ease and professionalism of your work!

Tom Scanlon, Tom Scanlon & Associates LLC


Great website ! Very inspirational!

Pam Ozsoy, Grand Canyon University


Your business site is overwhelming! I reside in Philadelphia, USA. I am a project management specialist working to build a consulting career in managing joint ventures in Africa.

Robinson Akiri


I am a graduate student in the US and honestly, I consult this website 24/7 because it has all the information I need. Good to have this terrific site and i recommend it for every business student.

Odoom Domson


WOW! This is one of the best website I ever seen, it become one of my daily routine website, it is a very informative and helpful website specially when it comes to business.

Mohammad Arif Khan (Ralph Khan)


Please let me know how we can partner with you, your material is fantastic.

Susan Dickerson, Director of Operations, Lemco Management Group, Inc


Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments!

Buck Lawrimore, CEO, Total Success Center


 I must give you thumbs up on the nature and completeness to your website. I find it most revealing and on the cutting edge of 21st century business excellence and sustainability.

Paul Thompson, Business Consultant


Love your site. It thrives of mtivation.

Robert Gallagher, Operations Sergeant, MSG, USA


Thanks for making available to the global learners your knowledge resources.

Cecilia Andal


It's an exciting project and website. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Derrick Palmer, Principal, InnovationPoint LLC

 I want you to know that I continue and will forever love your work!

You’re a prolific creator and genius, for sure!

I so love your work. I found your Business e-Coach in 2008. Today, I revisited your website to learn the latest news and information on
organization, management and leadership. Lo and behold, 5 hours later and I’m still learning “what’s new” on your sites.

Just had to stop and say thank you.

About Innompic Games icon Innompic Games

I believe the vision of Innompic Games 'The Planet of Loving Creators' may well serve as the foundation for a “Movement” in the United States and it starts with introducing the concept. Thanks for all that you give and contribute for a better world. So delighted to be a follower and on your journey! I’m supportive of the Innompic Games and happy to be of service in ways that I can.

Dr. Jacquelyn Martin, Adviser SCORE


Great models and particularly like the Spiritual Development integration you are introducing. My guess is that you yourself are travelling the Spiritual path.


The author's contribution of this site to our human journey on the planet is immeasurable. Thank you. I am grateful.

Kevin Walters


This is my first visit to you site and it is fantastic,
I have never seen one like it.

Amer AlKarnous, Financial Service Company


Your creative mind is great to be near.

Bert Falls, CEO, VTSR Management


Yours is a fabulous Website with excellent content and presentation. We are trying to institute a coaching program here and I used your site for information to help get us started.

Mindy Caspary, Bruce and Merrilees Electric Company





It is very insightful for me.

Shashank Dubey, Production Manager, Teradyne Inc.


Your website is wonderful.  Thank you for all the information.

Anna S. Paine, Terra Firma - Organization Change


This site is incredible.  I stumbled across it looking up some articles on self-leadership development.  The amount of information is outstanding.  I can't say much more than thank you.  This gesture seems so insignificant in comparison to what this service offers.  Thanks again and  for the teachings and insights.

Garland Grant, BS, CHT, Baxter Healthcare


Great management site, with incredible amount of information. I teach Nursing leadership and have used your site many times and have referenced it in my syllabus for my students to use. Thank you.

Marianne Darden


This is an incredible business learning and coaching site. I found it by looking for information about successful business entrepreneurs who profited from their focus on building strategic relationships. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and your resources before asking for anything in return. It's nice to run into a company who shares my same belief about helping others because it makes our world a better place.

Deborah McMaster, Founder, Orange County Executive Network


Vadim Kotelnikov provides an exceptional service for professors, trainers and consultants. He has compiled the latest thinking in management consulting and academic circles and presents it in very colorful and information packed slides. In addition, the slides can be printed in note pages, which extensively elaborate on the slide points. A wealth of practical strategies and techniques in organizational effectiveness are presented in a visually appealing format. A must buy!

Michael A. Knaus, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pfeiffer University Graduate School of Business


Thank you for your powerful sites which are changing my personal life and work. I found you at the right time in my life!  This is pure brilliance and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Peace to you!

Teresa Blair, Coordinator, Points of Light Foundation & Volunteer Center National Network


I found your website in 2003. I recognized the content and emphasis of my MBA books and articles. Your focus is what energizes me!

Karl Kovach, Senior Consultant, Global Pharmaceutical Company


I am a teacher at a local community college in the Phoenix metro area. I am currently adding content to an Information Assurance (IA) course for my college students. Many of my students are older adults and grew up in an industrial economy, and have difficulty grasping the change to an information/knowledge-based economy. Before we ca discuss how vital IA is to our business they must first be able to contrast the old with the new. I have never read an article that describes this concept as well as your article "Transition to New Economy Knowledge-based Economy"

Randol Larson, Estrella Mountain Community College


The partners of the Prophet Group are very impressed with you business coaching e-course.

Steven Chaisson, Operational Manager of The Prophet Group


I came across your web site and I am thrilled about it.

Gajendra Savant, Chief Operating Officer, Physical Optics Corporation


Your website has to be one of the most extensive I have ever seen. Very interesting!

Mark Barth, Values & Leadership Development, Charles Luck Stone Center


Your e-coaching materials is truly wonderful.

Lionel Evans, Dolphin Encounters


Great stuff – I will be recommending your tools.

Bill Foster, SPHR, Profiles International, Inc.


So grateful to run across your website and services.

Dee Ayoola


Thanks for posting so much wonderful information on your site. God Bless,

Leslie Smith, Songs of Praise