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Design Thinking Process: Gaining Insight

Discover the root causes of the problem you want to solve.

Observe people to uncover what comes naturally to them and discover their hidden needs.

Empathize with people to understand their experiences and motivations... More

  Design Thinking Process: Gaining Insight



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Love Your Customers




Feedback  >> Innompic Games

Gain insight through social networks and online group discussions (topic-related, your customers, customers of  your competitors)

Experiment, beta test




Benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM implementation is not just a software package installation. Building better and deeper customer relationships requires new approaches to enable employees to work smarter and harder to capture customer information and gain customer insight... More


 Turn your Customers into teachers





Big Picture

See the big picture. It's not enough to just respond piecemeal to your customer's problems. You've got to be willing to invest in coming up with a solution to the immediate problem and look beyond it to see its bigger potential.




Run with the suggestions your customers provide. Ask yourself, "Is this a onetime event, or indicative of a trend? Is this an opportunity ripe for development? Go one step further and ask, "Is there another whole business here?"  >>>  9 Questions To Answer




Be a Helper

Always think bottom line but not just yours. Consider your customers' bottom line as well. Can you save them money, while enhancing partnership with them? Think strategically about your customers' businesses, and find ways to help them cut costs and increase profits Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, all the while improving how they can serve their customers.



Be an Advisor

Go beyond selling your products or services, and make yourself valuable to your customers as an advisor. Delivering expert advice with no strings attached does much to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy partner.



Be a student

It's an important to listen as to counsel. Customers can provide a much-needed perspective on products and services you may be too invested in to evaluate objectively. Since they're the ones who'll be buying, it's always better to know sooner rather than later.