Two Basic Competitive Strategies

Competitive Disruption Strategies

Average ones compete with others.

Great ones compete with themselves.

There are only two competitive strategies in the modern economy driven by relentless innovation: disrupt of get disrupted.

7 Routes to High Profits

Sustainable Competitive Advantage Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book





Competitive Strategies

Basic Requirements

Entry ticket to the competition game

Survival Strategy

How to survive

Market Leadership Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book Strategy

How to win a leadership position

Winning and Retaining Customers

Customer Value Proposition

Low cost/benefit ratio

Ability to Surprise Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, higher customer value , positioning

Marketing Strategy

Mass marketing

Differentiation , standing out from the competition, creating new market niches, creating customers

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service

Love for customers, value innovation , customer intimacy and loving customer relationships

Product/Service Innovation

New attributes & Line extensions

New product categories Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, new brands , fast to market





Building Competitive Advantage

Strategic Growth Focus


Sustainable competitive advantage , distinctive capabilities and core competencies, top- and bottom-line growth strategies Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, fast company



Systemic Innovation: 7 Areas  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book   proactive competitive innovation

Technology Innovation

Incremental Innovation

Radical innovation and venture strategies

Process Innovation

Functional improvements  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book  

Enterprise-wide business process management

Business Innovation

Perfecting traditional business model Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Adaptability, creating new business models, Stretch












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