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The Best and Worst Times to Look for a New Job


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Job searching is an activity that may never seem to end. It is hard for you to control the time when you are going to need a job. It would help if you were keen on the time when you apply for a job for your application to stand a higher chance. There are times of the year that are suitable for you to send in your applications. Here are some of the best and worst times to look for a job:

Best Times to Look For a Job

Different companies have different times of the year that they put up adverts for vacant positions. The most suitable time is at the beginning of the year. This is an excellent time to look for work because many companies work towards getting new employees for their businesses. A business that is growing will want to get more employees to accomplish its objectives.

Most companies come up with budgets for the following year in October and November. They will then advertise for new posts in December and hire in January and February. You will most likely find this trend in most companies.

Another reason why January and February are the best times to look for jobs is because; most people tend to think about the duties and roles they play in their jobs. This is the time that some will decide to change jobs or look for greener pastures. By quitting their previous jobs means creating job opportunities for others.

People would desire to start the New Year at a new workplace, hence the many vacancies in January and February. If you want to try job searching, try January and February.

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Worst Times to Look For a Job

The worst time you can look for a job is during holidays. Avoid holidays like the summer because a limited number or no jobs are posted. The reason is that even if there could be a vacancy, most directors would not be available to conduct interviews. Most of the directors go on vacation during summer. This is also the middle of the year, and it is not a good time to start.

The other time that is not good for job searching is during the second half of the year. Most companies do not employ during this time because they are strict in their budgets and would not want to spend on new employees. You will rarely get adverts for job vacancies during this time.



Avoid looking for jobs a few weeks before the end of the year. This is when most people in a company will be thinking about taking leaves and going on vacations. Use this time to prepare your cover letters and resumes in preparation for the beginning of the year. You can also research online about companies that you would like to work for come the following year.

In summary, the best time to look for jobs is when the year is just beginning. Apart from the months, it would be best if you also took note of the days of the week. Do not make an application when the week is ending. Make applications on Mondays and Tuesdays around mid-morning. Mid-morning is the best time because most managers put new vacancies during this time. With all these discussions, be sure to get your perfect dream job. All the best in your job search!


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