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Employer: Large U.S. Corporation

Job Overview and Responsibilities





A career in our Experience Design practice, A career in Experience Consulting services, will provide you with a unique opportunity to help our clients change customer behaviours through the experience journey starting with a strategy, then through design, and eventually implementation.


Customer Experience Management


Customer Experience as a Love Story




You'll focus on bringing interactive tools in the form of mobile apps, websites, or other digital platforms to ensure our clients fully integrate customer and user experiences into their organisation.


Create Greater Value Online

Customer-focused Website






We help our clients build a customer centric organisation through differentiated and brand defining customer experiences.


Customer-focused Culture

Brand Management





You'll help our team build a value based consumer model, coupled with quantitative analysis and digital technology based on the client s target customer base.


User Experience

Job Description




To really stand out and make us fit for the future in a constantly changing world, each and every one of us needs to be a purpose-led and values-driven leader at every level.


Surprise to Win

Strategic Creativity

Creative Leadership




To help us achieve this we have our global leadership development framework.


Leadership Development




It gives us a single set of expectations across our lines, geographies and career paths, and provides transparency on the skills we need as individuals to be successful and progress in our careers, now and in the future.


Life-Business Synergy

Soft Skills Pyramid

Advanced Soft Skills




As a Director, you'll work as part of a team of problem solvers, helping to solve complex business issues from strategy to execution.


Creative Problem Solving (CPS)




Support team to disrupt, improve and evolve ways of working when necessary.


Team Leader




Arrange and sponsor appropriate assignments and experiences to help people grow, realise their potential and support their long-term aspirations.



Inspirational Leader




Identify gaps in the market and spot opportunities to create value propositions.


Customer-focused Innovation





Look for opportunities to scale efficiencies and new ways of working across multiple projects and environments.


Master of Business Synergies (MBS)




Fostering innovation among other members of the design team, as well as recommending team training opportunities and attending educational seminars upon request.


Value Innovation

Innovation is Love

Customer Feedback




Utilizing digital marketing communications know-how and innovation, problem solving, and a solutions oriented mind-set to create visual concepts and execute digital strategies for team review that leverage related technology and applications.


How To Make Effective Presentations

Presentation that Inspires Change




Identifying and addressing client needs, building relationships with clients, developing an awareness of Firm services, approaching the client in an organized and knowledgeable manner, delivering clear requests for information, and demonstrating flexibility in prioritizing and completing tasks.


Customer Relationship Management


CRM Benefits






Leading, managing, growing and developing department staff across multiple locations.


Leader-Manager Synergy




Providing thought leadership and advising peers on industry-leading practices.


Opinion Leader




Manage diversity, promote, and encourage others to value differences when working in diverse teams.


Integrated Diversity




Identifying and promoting opportunities around hiring, staffing, coaching and training that result in a positive work environment that fosters a pattern of long-term staff retention.


Find the Right Fit for Every Employee

Motivational Coaching




Collaborating with operations team and practice Partners/Principals to assist in expanding practice as well as advising on and addressing issues that impede optimal department functionality.


Cross-functional Teams

GE Work Out




PowerPoints for sale

Smart & Fast

Winning Organization






Identifying new business opportunities, participating in pitches, expanding existing client relationships and maintaining an extensive network of professional connections that can be tapped for outreach.


International Reciprocal Brand Ambassador Network (IRBAN)




Drive and take ownership for developing connections that help deliver what is best for our people and stakeholders.


Results-based Leadership




Influence and facilitate the creation of long-term relationships which add value to the firm.


Explore Your Relationships




Uphold the firm's code of ethics and business conduct.


Shared Values








MBA makes you eligible.

MBS makes you desirable