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Salary range: US$35K to US$80K

Job Overview and Responsibilities





The Manager of Global Product Strategy, Strategic Product Design will drive the successful implementation of customer experience initiatives as part of the larger Customer Transformation strategy. These initiatives span process and product improvements supporting a better customer experience to drive higher customer satisfaction.


Customer Experience Management


Customer Experience as a Love Story




The Manager will be responsible for working cross-functionally among internal stakeholder groups and the field to guide project development and lead execution of all key initiatives.


Cross-functional Expertise

Strategic Project Management





Partner with Internal and External Stakeholders to ensure successful end-to-end design and implementation of all product & design initiatives, inclusive of supporting the development of measurement plans for all tests and ongoing projects.


Strategic Design Thinking

Product Design

Strategic Achievement





Support the Sr. Manager, Global Product Strategy as well as the Product Showcase team in executing initiatives generated from both Product Showcase vision and customer feedback as initiatives are tested.


User Experience

Test Market Your New Product

Product Testing Tips




Support implementation and communication planning to drive change management efforts to ensure successful roll-out of all initiatives; support Communication plan and Change Management strategy for all initiatives.


Change Management


Learning SWOT Questions




Responsible for supporting leadership updates and executive level presentations to keep sponsors informed of progress, and for leading internal education sessions to keep sales operations aligned on all Product Showcase Initiatives.


Presentation Format

Manage Expectations

Marketing: Synergize Art and Science




Ability to design Product Roadmaps that define new product and service initiatives.


Innovation Strategies: Road-Mapping




Support accurate tracking and reporting of initiative milestones and spend against budget.


Measuring Performance




Project management principles, budgeting and reporting financial spend.

Strategic planning and decision making.


Business Systems Approach to Project Management




Ability to work with cross functional groups.

Strong relationship building skills.

Problem resolution and strong communication skills.

Ability to motivate, drive vision and provide leadership and strategic alignment.


People Skills

Leader 360

Building Trust

Solving People Problems




The ability to lead stakeholders through complex planning and implementation of initiatives


Business Communication




MBA / Masters Degree

Knowledge of other internal business groups

Project management experience

Operational experience

Experience leading teams and driving complex change


Creative Director Digital Experience Design

Customer Experience & Innovation Consulting







MBA makes you eligible.

MBS makes you desirable