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Employer: Large U.S. Corporation

Job Overview and Responsibilities





Responsible for establishing and executing the User Experience (UX) vision and roadmap for high-priority company applications.


User Experience

Example: IG




She or he ensures efficient and effective deployment of the organizational resources (direct-reports and third party partners) when and where needed.


Resource-based Model of Strategic Management




This role is a key driver of innovation across product portfolios.


Product Innovation

Two Routes





Contributes to establishing User Experience Strategy and is responsible for the execution.


Strategic Management




This includes using behavioral analytics to drive UX and product decisions and measure success.


Measuring Performance






Monitors and collaborates with direct-reports and design partner agencies to manage priorities and achieve the company's UX vision goals.


Strategic Achievement




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Maintains an executive update (at least quarterly) of design plans and milestones across projects, emphasizing strategic initiatives and areas requiring new design direction.


Strategic Alignment

Strategy Innovation

Strategic Creativity





Leads the User Experience Design Leads in establishing UX vision for major user roles.


Customer Experience as a Love Story




Works with product management, operations, business leaders, and appropriate stakeholders to ensure that vision reflects the product roadmap end-state and company objectives.


Cross-functional Management

Systemic Innovation




Further, leads the User Experience Design Leads in establishing UX roadmaps that describe transitions between current state and vision.


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Facilitates the processes of executing and reviewing UX Design to ensure quality and alignment to the UX Strategy.


Customer Experience Management




Establishes and communicates a culture of innovation design principles across product portfolios.


Let Design Thinking Thrive




Responsible for establishing a process for UX Design methodologies for planning and execution.


Process of Design Thinking





Responsible for recruiting, onboarding, developing, and managing a team of top talent employees.


Creative Leadership DOs and DON'Ts




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Winning Organization






Responsible for setting priorities/performance metrics, hiring, performance appraisals, employee coaching, promotions, and salary actions.


Employee Performance Management




Ensures staff is trained in departmental processes and procedures to ensure employees meet goals and expectations.


Find the Right Fit for Every Employee




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