VC Investor Pitch template 10 issues, Startup Venture Presentation  

Know how to present your company to prospective angel or venture capital investors.

Understand what every inventor wants to know, and nail your investor pitch deck.

Showcase your companyís products, technology, and team to the investors.

A VC Investor pitch typically consists of 10-20 slides in a PowerPoint presentation



Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

Capital isn't scarce; vision is.

Sam Walton




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Before the Meeting

Send your pitch deck in a PDF format to prospective investors in advance of a meeting.


Be laconic. Distill the essence of your business into a few key, impressive points


Tell ─ enthusiastically! ─ a compelling, memorable, and interesting story  that inspires change and shows your passion for the business, venturepreneurial skills and preparedness to win.


Include visually interesting graphics and images. Donít have too many wordy slides. Make sure your visuals are simple and easy to understand.


Be as factual as possible and quantify claims whenever possible.

Demo / Prototype

Plan to have a demo of your product as part of the in-person presentation. Good prototypes persuade and help sell your ideas and ventures to VC investors.


VC Investor Pitch

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KoRe 10 Advices

8-fold Noble Path

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Venturepreneurial Team

How To Market Radical Innovations




PowerPoints for sale

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