How to present your company
to prospective angel or venture capital investors

Understand what every inventor wants to know, and nail your investor pitch deck






The pitch deck is intended to showcase the companyís products, technology, and team to the investors.

It typically consists of 15-20 slides in a PowerPoint presentation

Company Overview, Vision / Mission, Team

Do you best to convince prospective investors that your company has the opportunity to grow big. Introduce the Leader of the Venture, the management team and their qualifications in this field, entrepreneurial team. Remember that a companyís team is the most important determinant of whether or not to invest for many investors.

The Problem Addressed, the Market Opportunity

How big is the problem? Why is it important? Who are you solving the problem for? Keep in mind that Investors want to invest in big opportunities with large addressable markets. Define the market you are in, set forth the dollar market size and show that your company will be addressing a large part of that big market.

The Solution, The Product, The Technology

Explain why users would care about the product. Demonstrate that your solution is radically new, a unique, has a sustainable competitive advantage and is well differentiated . Describe its current key features and what additional product features are planned. List major product milestones. Show that you have more than just an idea ─ demonstrate a prototype.

The Customers

Show that you understand that customer of radical innovations are different from vast majority of customers and need to be approached differently. Describe your staged marketing strategy.

The Competition

List both main direct and indirect competitors. Don't underestimate or belittle the competition. Show how your company will stand out from the competition.


Show that you have got early traction on developing the product Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, getting customers, or signing up partners.

Business Model Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Describe your business model and why you selected this one.  What is the long-term Customer Value Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book? How do you make money?What is the pricing model?

The Marketing Plan

Describe marketing and customer acquisition strategies, channels, and costs. Showcase early successes have you had , and list the channels that have worked so far. What early buzz or press have you gotten?


Demonstrate cash flow forecast. Donít provide excessive financial details, because that can be provided in a follow-up to those interested.

The Ask and Exit Strategy

Spell out exactly what you are asking the investors for. List other VC investors who are in the deal. Explain how the investors will get their money out and when.






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