How To Raise Venture Capital for Your Startup

6Ws of an Impactful Investor Pitch






Why  to do it: problem addressed; opportunity pursued

Why you: passion; sustainable competitive advantage


Solution: product / service / technology

The Ask: how much you need; what for; for how long


Market: market opportunity; size

Competition: direct and indirect competitors


Internal: company overview; location; founders, management team

External: investors; traction; testimonials


Milestones: completed, current, future

Revenues: break even point; investor exit options


Business Model: commercialization, strategies; revenue model

Marketing Plan: marketing strategies, competitive differentiation






Company Overview

Your company overview page should grab the reader and convince them that your company has a tremendous opportunity to grow very big.

Summarize in 4-6 bullet points your business:

vision and mission ; what problem it solves, the experience of the management team, and any key traction already established.



Entrepreneurial Team

Venture Design

Brand Attributes

Startup Business Plan

DOs and DON'Ts

Executive Summary






Don't try to explain how the technology works, just talk about what the technology is used for and its competitive advantage.

Keep in mind that venture capital investors are interested in the investment promise of your business -- not the technology.


Radical Innovation

HEALTHBIOTICS Startup Success Story

9 Maxims of Venturing

How To Address Challenges





Convince the prospective VC investors of why the market opportunity is huge, but donít exaggerate.


What Every Investor Wants To Know

Venture Valuation






Describe both direct and indirect competition realistically, without underestimating or belittling it.

Explain how you are going to stand out from the competition.


Surprise To Win

Fast To Market

Venture Financing

Step-by-Step Guide







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