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YIN (passive, accepting side) − Outside-In

Understand the venture financing chain and venture funding stages and investment evaluation criteria of venture capital investors;

Develop appropriate fund raising strategy and plan meeting these criteria;

Learn bootstrapping options and practice bootstrapping strategies to get your entrepreneurial firm operating and well positioned to seek equity capital from outside investors at a later time and to be able to bridge successfully the equity gap;

Explore alternative non-VC ways and funding options and adapt your value propositions to the aspirations of alternative funders.



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YANG (active, aggressive side) − Inside-Out

Design powerful first-impression introductions for various types of potential funders;

Market and  sell your venture opportunity aggressively to appropriate sources of funding;

Pitch VC investors enthusiastically and persuasively, inspire them by your entrepreneurial vision;

Invent and implementing creative marketing strategies targeting all types of potential funders.


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PowerPoints for sale

for Teachers

Outstanding Innopreneur









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