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 According to Myles Downey, the author of Effective Coaching


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Coaching brings more humanity into the workplace. Effective coaching in the workplace delivers achievement, fulfillment and joy from which both the individual and organization benefit:

Achievement means the delivery extraordinary results, organizational and individual goals achieved, strategies, projects and plans executed. It suggests effectiveness, creativity, and innovation. Effective coaching delivers achievement, which is sustainable. Because of the emphasis on learning and because the confidence of the player (the coachee) is enhanced ('I worked it out for myself!') the increase in performance is typically sustained for a longer period and will impact on areas that were not directly the subject of coaching.



Fulfillment includes learning and development. To achieve the business result is one thing, to achieve it in a way in which a player learns and develops as part of the process has a greater value - to the player, the coach (the line-manager) and the organization, for it is the capacity to learn that ensures an organization's survival.

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Fulfillment also includes the notion that individuals through coaching begin to identify goals that are intrinsically rewarding. "With fulfillment comes an increase in motivation. That the coach respects the player his ideas and opinions, that the player is doing his work in his own way, that he is pursuing his own goals and is responsible - all this makes for a player who is inspired and committed. In this way more of the energy, intelligence and imagination of each individual is brought to the service of the organization.

Joy. Enjoyment ensues when people are achieving their meaningful stretch goals and when learning and developing is part of the process.

These three components achievement, fulfillment, and joy are synergistically interlinked and the absence of any one will impact and erode the others.  Learning without achievement quickly exhausts one's energy. Achievement  without learning forward soon becomes boring. The absence of joy and fun erodes the human spirit.