Attitude motivation is about setting up an approach that promotes personal growth and purpose by changing the ways how people think and feel.

  Attitude Motivation: how to motivate employees - inspiring work, energizing relationships


Business makes people happier  

Why Attitude Motivation Is So Important

Everyone wants to make money, but the things that are really important to people are not monetary. Every person needs to know that they are important and "they matter".

The Power of Recognition




Financial rewards, such as performance bonuses, gain sharing, and an equity stake in the financial results, do encourage people to conserve resources and produce results. But the kind of ownership that really generates energy is not economic. It is emotional. It gives people a sense of responsibility and makes them feel that their actions make a difference.




Emotional Benefits of Idea Implementation

Idea implementation is not just a money-making tool, it is also a powerful attitude motivator. It inspires goodwill and creativity of employees.


Climate for Innovation

Learning SWOT Questions







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To motivate your people, find the right fit for every person and help them grow!

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   Yin and Yang of Attitude Motivation

YIN (passive, accepting side)
Fear to lose face, to fall behind others, to miss an opportunity  >>>

YANG (active, aggressive side)
Enthusiasm, the spirit of growth, passion, a burning desire to achieve great results and make a difference... More


Energize Employees

What energizes people is a crusade, the excitement of new challenges,  a broader horizon, big opportunities and stretch goals. When their leaders establish a culture of creative dissatisfaction and offer this excitement, people give their best to the company. Getting the best out of workers is a product of inspirational super-leadership as well as managers' love quotient (LQ), and soft skills... More




Meet Psychological Needs of Team Members

Make the work inspiring, exciting, interesting and challenging

Be sincere with praise  >>  Example

Treat team members as individuals, respect individual needs and cultural differences... More



KoRe 10 Tips for Motivational Coaching

③  Help the player to ask effective 'Why? What If?' questions to discover the roots of limiting beliefs and opportunities for growth... More



High LQ Manager / Leader

Passion for work, honesty and transparency are the traits of a high LQ leader who sets an example and creates an inspiring high LQ culture that encourages loving relationships, supports shared values and facilitates positive change... More

Love Quotient High LQ Leader Be the Sun Loving Creators Innompic Games

Self-Motivation    Inspirational Leader


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Set a narrow goal, and you'll reach the ceiling. 
Dream big dreams, and you'll reach the stars.  >>>

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