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Coaching is a question-based enlightening, inspirational
energizing process by a coach
to orient a player to the realities of a situation and
to help the player
achieve desired goals.


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Myles Downey, the author of Effective Coaching, defines coaching as the art and practice of inspiring, energizing, and facilitating the performance, learning and development of  the player.

Each word in this definition is a key word:

  • art though there is science to coaching, coaching is an art in the sense that "when practiced with excellence, there is no attention on the technique: the coach is fully engaged with the player and the process of coaching becomes a dance between two people, conversationally moving in complete harmony and partnership. At this point the intelligence Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book , intuition and imagination of the coach become a valuable contribution rather than being interference for the player."

  • inspiring coaching is about helping the player to unlock his or her true potential through raising awareness, inspiring new ideas and encouraging creativity

  • energizing coaching is about energizing the player through effective communication, soliciting suggestions, and building a can-do attitude

  • facilitating implies that the player has the capacity to have an insight or creative idea and to think something through for himself   >>>

  • performance anything a coach says or does should be driven by the intention to improve performance, i.e. to achieve greater effectiveness or efficiency of the player

  • learning refers to a broader domain, how to approach a task or master a new technology; looking beyond immediate objectives, the future performance of the organization depends on learning.

  • development refers to personal growth and greater self-awareness.