To create and grow a truly dedicated and inspired customer base and build customer loyalty, you must go far beyond merely satisfying your customers.

You must keep coming up with innovative ways to surprise and delight them.

  Surprise Customers




To add special "BIG things" that will help you to stand out from your competitors, you should:

Love your customers if you want to be an inspired, relentless and admired value innovator

Develop amazing customer-focused radical value innovations periodically and know how to market them







Create your own clearly differentiated Case Studies market niche and keep strengthening and promoting your highly valuable differentness

Example: Innompic Games differentiated

Play simulation games, like Innovation Brainball (Innovaball), to achieve far beyond your aspirations  >>>

Partner with your customers for innovation, beta-testing of new products and continuous improvement

Be creative in your approaches to marketing, selling and retaining customers

Be a helper, not just a seller ‒ focus on helping your customers achieve breakthroughs in their life or business  >>>

Build loving relationships with your customers, give them surprise gifts once in a while.