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Create a Market Niche
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Surprise To Win: 3 Strategies

To compete with other businesses and win customers over nowadays you need something unique that nobody else can copy. You must create a niche for your business. A niche is something that makes your business different from your competitors and positions is prominently.

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STAND OUT from your competition    Mega-Innovation    Competitive Differentiation





7 Routes to High Profits

To create any kind of niche, you must:

Know your exact target audience: Think like your target audience or customers. Know their exact needs, deep motivators, wants, dreams, goals, problems and interests. Put yourself in their shoes, think like them. Observe people to discover their unrealized needs. Give them polls and surveys to find out what they're thinking. Pick or create a niche that none of your competitors are using, create a differentiated value proposition, incite passionate reactions, and teach the market about your new offering.

Know who your competitors are: Think! Use your brain power. Ask yourself how you can set yourself apart from your competition. What could you offer that they can't? Imagine that your business is the market leader Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book. What niche put your business on top of all your competitors? Brainstorm, generate as many ideas as possible, and then select the really disruptive and winning ones.  >>>

3Bs of Strategic Creativity


Competitive Disruption    Blue Ocean Strategy    Canon Creates a New Market Niche





Having selected your niche, you must develop a prototype and test market your new product or service. Does it appeal to your target audience? Will it attract people away from your competition? If it does, start developing your niche fast >>>

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To stay ahead of your competition and be successful and profitable over a long period of time, use this process several times in your business life.







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Set Godin advice

In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.  >>>

Set Godin

Guy Kawasaki innovation quotes

True innovation happens when a company jumps to the next curve or better still, invents the next curve.


Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

If everybody else is doing it one way,

you can find your niche by going in exactly the opposite direction.  >>>

Sam Walton


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Discovering your place in this world is not enough,

you must also be the first to get there.  >>>

Mikhail Zhvanetsky