Employee Feedback Benefits  

When company leaders invite feedback from employees, they gain more insights, discover new opportunities for breakthrough initiatives, and can make better-informed business decisions.

Employee feedback helps make improvements and build trust between managers and employees.

Regular employee feedback results in significantly higher engagement and continuous improvement.



Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

The way management treats their associates is exactly how the associates will then treat the customers.

Sam Walton




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Invite Employee Feedback and Act on It

Instead of guessing what will make your staff members happy − just ask them. Give your employees opportunities to provide feedback and make suggestions. This will foster their sense of involvement and will prevent them from feeling ignored.

Itís important that you act on the sensible and achievable employees' requests and ideas and keep them informed on the progress. In case you are unable to make particular changes based on employee feedback, modify the suggestion jointly with them in order to make it implementable.

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Jack Welch advice business quotes

Harness your people for competitive advantage.

Stretch − stretch targets energize.

Jack Welch





Keep Goals Inspiring

If the goals you set are too easy, your staff may get bored. Set stretch targets to maintain high standards of performance. Yet, if the goals are too hard achieve, your employees may become stressed and feel as though you demand too much from them. Try to find the right stretch level to ensure that your employees continue to enjoy the challenges you set. Ask them for a feedback if you are unsure of how they feel about the targets to achieve.

Improve Employee Productivity

Feedback is Your Elevator to Success

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