Focus Areas


7 Key Focus Areas for
Strategy Formulation


By: Peter Skat-RÝrdam





HIGHERsight  rapid learning course by VadiK trend watching  

Develop HIGHERsight

to be able to
see higher, anticipate farther, understand that others can't,
and manage change better.

Insight focuses on here-and-now.
Highersight focuses on the future.





Strategic Thinking Framework

"Today, most strategy experts do not regard strategy as planning but rather as thinking." ~ Peter Skat-RÝrdam

There are no generally applicable recipes for success in business and strategic management as each business is unique. Effective strategic thinking and futures thinking can be stimulated however by adapting the following framework for the process to the specific situation of your company... More


Strategic Thinking

7 Principles

Key Elements

Milestone-based Thinking

Futures Thinking